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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kristina Francis 21st Birthday party at Royal Lake Club

It was a resounding success for my ex secondary/primary classmate  Kristina Francis held her glamour and oriental elegance 21st Birthday Celebration on 

Saturday at Royal Lake Club, Banquet Hall, Taman Tasek Perdana Jalan Cendermulia, off Jalan Parlimen, Kulal Lumpur and thence to a reception threat.

Despite the unforgiving heat and the massive jam in and around the vicinity of the run site, undeniable that Kuala Lumpur is such a heart!
One of my most remarkable memory that I had been invited personally by the Birthday herself or I could say it is one of the most luxurious Birthday party I ever been to. Usually it is just either dine at some restaurant or held party at home where everyone gather together for such joyous occasion.

Well lucky me, I got myself a handy driver :)

And again.. I'm glad that Christina Invited me, cause there is dozen of humans I do really wanna meet up! my primary classmates! Miss them so much.

Christina's gigantic Birthday card display-ed at reception table 

Okie, I was literally on cloud nine and I pulled all the hot ex classmates I saw and here you go" all the ladies in the house"
from left: Jenny|Thasha|Sangari|Samantha|Cecilia|Jasmine|Noreen

I, Calvin, Samantha, Jenny, Jasmine, Shalini and some random are at TABLE 24

complimentary door gift

Samatha |Cecilia

The grand entrance of Kristina Francis with parents companions with a troup of dancers

cake cutting ceremony, kinda early for it??

the brownies just too dry for me, other word = MODERATE
But I prefer it pulling a pan of fudgy of brownies from the oven and eat while is it still hot**sizzle** and with a topping of Vanilla ice-cream **argh melts my heart**

curry muttons, chicken sambal, vegessss, sambal toufu,

Indian confess to have sweet tooth! can you resist?

Thasa| Samantha| Jasmine| jenny | Cecilia | Sangari

Muthu| Sangari| Samantha| Cecilia| Ravi | Muthu

my bro in da house!! fattty bom bom jorrr 

My love and I


group picssss

Samantha and cecilia with the birthday girl
**pst: her eye shadow is in multi-colour so as her dresses, she looks colourfulllllllllllllllllll**

ending with the hottest chicks that night :)

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