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Monday, December 7, 2009

Michelle's 21st suprise Birthday party.

Do I get bored of posting birthday already? 

Birthday is the most celebrated event throughout a person's life. Birthday is the date on which you were born. It is may enjoy having a birthday party with best buddies only where gift exchanged. Or celebrate with your loved one on a hill station where silence greats you! And no Birthday is complete without birthday greeting messages..............
so hereby wishing 
Michelle a Happy 21st Birthday!!!!!
May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments and shinning dreams.

*I know it is hard for you to digest the fact on your lost*
Hope you get through with it and cheer up :)
btw, it is suppose a birthday surprise, well who knows that secret is outta bag that fast :( 

a very last minute hand made Birthday card to you mic :)
Hope you like it.

oh oh!!! the bf crash over Cyber fr few days :) since that after this week, I won't be able to see him again. 
So spending time with him as much as I can :)

The Birthday gurl with her another half :)

Michelle with RexYing.

Well, usually every celebrating do ends up with group pictures right?

The aims at Birthday gurl.

 from left: Calvin Low, Soh Yee, Joanne, Pui Yieng, Siao Boon, Kok King , Rex, Wind, Michelle, Shu Ting,  Genie, Shinto, Me and Calvin Christie

awww....both of them are sucha sweetheart :)

Birthday gurls with the rest of the ladies in the house
from left: Grace, Chun Ying, Siao Boon, Soh Yee, Pui Yieng, Michelle, Joanne, Shu Ting, Cecilia, Genie

Michelle with the guys,
From left: Calvin Christie, Kok King, Rex, Shinto, Wind, Calvin Low

the three couples

Shu Ting, Grace, Cecilia, Genie

Since that the bf had his activities with his friends, so what the helll? I tag along with Genie, Shasha for Yumcha! well Someone mention Yumcha again? How could I ever Miss it! It could have been even more exciting than the previous post, especially I have Soh Yee in our team :)

aww look at them, the 1st Wife and the 2nd wife of Xavier goes along very well.
You go Xavier, you taught them well enough? Or I could say your sosososos lucky!!!

I Dont actually remember of these games's name. all I know is that you stack up those wood and who made it fall LOSES!

Koori, Cecilia, Shasha

Well I hope so the 2nd wife of Xavier doesn't get mad about the romantic act of the Xavier and Soh Yee. BTW, look at her, awwww she cried for happiness. :)

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