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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day03- Yongphong, Ginseng Farm, Everland

Breakfast at Yongphong Seasonal Hotel, all american food and of cause they do serve Kimchi as well in every single meal. It was never been missed, if not how do you even call it Korea?
It started to snow heavily, it was an experience of a lifetime. The snow slowly pilled up the trees and cars and even the road

look at the car, how beautiful it is.

Later that, we checked out from the hotel and I even asked myself " how could I even resist taking numerous of pictures when the snow is falling?" I don't give a damn about how cold outside is, here I go with my siblings taking myriads of pictures. It is the most beautiful thing I ever seen in my entire life *least till now*

now the snow is visible and not to mention damn farking cold out there!

We headed to Ginseng farm and we were briefed by a Korean Old Man in Korean language who is a supervisor there and translate by local Korean guide named small rain*.
We were told that every farmer need to get permission on certain machine from government to plant. Only authorize people could go into the Ginseng farm, the remaining unauthorized can only see Ginseng from far.
The facts about ginseng:
  1. The lifespan of Ginseng is about 1-5years.
  2. During winter season, the roots of Ginseng would die but these would not effect the quality and the growth of the Ginseng.
  3. It usually grows during Spring and Autumn season.
  4. Was named after ren(means human) seng- where Ginseng looks like human. For a MALE ginseng, the middle part has extra roots where it looks like penis.
  5. After 3-4years where the nutrient of the soil were all fully adsorb by the Ginseng, they would plant it somewhere else.
Every 6years, Ginseng must be plucked, fail to do so Ginseng would died.

The ginseng farm. According to the Korean Old Man, he says Ginseng takes up 6 years max before the ginseng died and that is why Ginseng need to be plucked out before the 6th year. Usually the land where ginseng planted before no longer can be used as the Ginseng takes up all the nutrient in the soil of that particular area.

Each of us were given:
  1. pear
  2. sweet potatoes biscuits.
  3. Ginseng
  4. Ginseng Milk- contains honey, milk, yogurts and blend it with ginseng

Later that, at the very same farm, we took souvenir photo of ourselves dressed in a tradisional Korean Costume, Hanbook

it was fun trying men's outfit and be a MAN ~~~

Proceed to Kimchi-Making Session where we learn how to make delicious kimchi. In Korea, for women who works are given a day of in a week of working to make Kimchi. Believe it!! and in every Korean House, there would have two fridges, where one of the friges keeps KIMCHI.

I know how to make kimchi already? so does it mean i'm ready to get married? haha

After the exciting moments, it was free lunch. Tour guide bring us to Myeondong, a major shopping district lined with quality branded goods shop. But before this we have lunch at the food court as I do really wantes to try out "jaja Noodles" of Korea. DAMN their food court is so clean even they have these Sterilize machine to sterilize the cup before drinking.

My spicy seafood Jaja Noodles.

Night we proceed to Everland where it is a large theme park boasting a zoo, snow sled, and botanical garden. The park also contains three distint themes which are Water Park in Korea. Its main feature Festival World, Carribbean Bay and Speedway. Festival World includes Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure and Equiatorial Adventure, each created with is own unique style. Carribbean Bay is the very first wave pool and many people comes during summer just to ride the waves.
So I don't think the pool is even open during winter season, who on eath would swim during winter, call them crazy!

the Boasting Zoo

the tiny while frog


On my way out, spotted this Ass, opps no offence it is a Donkey

Later we took this cable car down as it was freezing outthere like -14celcius farking cold, lazy to walk! Cable car is the option. Okie I can't stop complaning cold

we are riding on the bones baby!!!!!!!!!!

Something attracts me, something colorful, something sweet, damn those candy and chocolate!

saw the roller coaster? it was all made in WOOD! no kididng wood indeed. Who would dare to ride on wood roller coaster and damn cold wind spate on your face!

I look so skinny minny

Now i look biggy boggey

Well Everland looks beautiful with colorful lights.

this was decoreated with 2millions light bulbs!

 you know when you felt cold, the thing that you most wanted is heat right?
Lucky me, everland provide Heater everywhere, if not kids would be freeeze to death

It's time for BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my salive dripping**

MOS Uniform party

Mos, Euphoria at Sunway with spicing things up for this event with a THEMED UNIFORM PARTY with free flow all night :) It sounds so good to me especially those who can't drink like me*pointing myself*
Well well the call upon all the Dude and Dutches party all night long! woot~~~
It has been a while, it was indeed =)

the sexy cocktail waitress, Grace and Cecilia*not in uniform code*

The Mafia, Genie and Koori as well as the *rejected* prisoners- Darrion, Shinto and Eu Jin and last but not the least Me =)

The ladies - Genie, Koori, Shasha, Grace and Cecilia
the music is darn guud! it was R&B all night *me lurve* =)

Look what I had snap,
Guy- hand on the waist (check-ed!!)
Girl- hand on his chest(check-ed!!)
Need to say more?

look at who I meet In MOS, my OC!!!
oh boy I meet Yazzz at MOS too! damn!

My fine day meeting ToothFairy

A movie night with the bf, he planned it all up & I get to choose my movie!!!
Since that we couldnt get ticket for the "Old Dog", Tooth Fairy was my 2nd choice.
and I bump into JunJun, one pretty babe on her way to Tony Romas for Dinner, chio!!

Camwhore while waiting for the movie

got myself popeyes' Biscuit! damn gud I must say and get their fries too.
**ahem* my throat is killing me* due to fries, laughing like a maniac hyena in cinema for such hilarious movie.**gees**

He lost his tooth :)