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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Anyone say High hill?

Are you confused on my title of this post?
Yes!! I ( had another getaway to Bukit Tinggi, Pahang with bf's friends include me (Calvin, Cecilia, Melvin, Mun Yee, Jern Kang and Ruby Soo). Information regarding Bukit Tinggi is easily available on net just a click on the mouse.
I shall blog about my KOREA trip later

A last minute to-be-told-plan! I was typically drag-ed! without knowing anything, literally nothing from A to Z. It might sound a little exaggerating but it is true half-way :). GODAMIT! I have no idea what I am mumbling down here. We start our journey right after picking up MR.Melvin by our lovely driver, my bf. Talking craps and hell lots is what we do best and that is when we are too excited about this one-day trip. Sigh @@" I felt so lazy to blog now. ish

Anywhere anyhow,  we reached to these Colmar Tropicale, an unique French-themed building at Berjaya Hills. The magnificent architecture concept and authenticity of France feel is definitely one of the kind of French countryside ambience.
Lets cut the crap and let the pictures do the talking cos pictures speaks a million words.

our first shot

the Ugly Duckling turns Swan

The prince-SS with the swan (from left: Calvin|Jern Kang|Melvin)

Bumble Bee that Loves Mun Yee.
Out of Nowhere the "Bee" stick to Mun Yee's dress.   
Sorry for all those screaming haha! That is my reaction when I saw any ANY ANY insects! I'm Dead Serious okay! I would just keep on shouting even someone ask me what is happening, yet there is no word coming out from my mouth except screaming.
So if and only if I scream-ed, you know what it meant :)

Ladies Mun Yee|Cecilia|Ruby

my fav pic of us!

Continue our journey to Japanese Tea House, nothing special actually. Wandering and looking snapping pictures

Ruby by the board!

Calvin and Cecilia.

During our visit to Japanese Tea House, it was first drizzling then it turns cat and dogs. Well this picture above we showing us under shelter of enormous banana leaf.

The group picture
From left: Calvin| Cecilia|Mun Yee| Ruby| Jern Kang|Melvin

We have our lunch at Bentong, Kow Po famous home-made ice-cream. It was in STAR paper once. Since that there is no where else we could think of having lunch so here is it.

the nasi pulut that you would never miss it. 

Yong tao fu! home-made!

Kow Po's Pandan Ice-cream with ABC shaved ice.

Next destination, from Bukit Tinggi to Bentong to Pavillion for Movie.
Aint we smart :) ( huge smile hanging on my face) see :)  ;)
Finally after all the discussion bla bla bla, end up we are buying did you hear the Morgans? ticket. Camwhoring pictures during the boy driving me back home to pass the pack-ed food of Bentong for my dad! Im such a filial child!

Later on I bring the boy to try this UHU-UHU , say cheese. I tried it like 3times but never actually blog it out. It is under THE LOAF, Pavillion. there is varieties of cheese in cup. 

This time I take green tea cheese! yummy! Rm3.00 per cup! so get a dozen cheaper

How could you not take pictures when you see this!

While waiting for the others to buy coke for me :), me n bf crash into each teater to watch while waiting for them.Did you hear the morgans?, it was hilarious indeed! sorry to say sarah jessica parker looks dreadful old already.


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