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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day01- Deaprt Incheon, Beach

My very first post about my Trip to Korea. Lots to narrate actually. =="
Well it was Day 1 once we landed to Korea as I took midnight flight. I would definitely re-consider about taking mid-night plane again. It wasn't easy as what you think cause:
  1. You will face difficulties in sleeping as in the SEAT
  2. People beside you or around would would probably make noise, snore(OMG!)
  3. The temperature!
Whatever, least I get over with the 6hours and 30minute flight :)
As the plane landed, the clock shows 830am. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is 1hour Behind Seoul, South Korea

tick tock tick tok.

Do you even need to ask more when there is magnificent view of Korea's sky looking over the window once you are awake?
I had my pleasing breakfast on plane. What I'm I eating?
smile.gif smile image by chimpanze
smile.jpg smile(: image by manny_rox
Omelette, sausages, tomatoes, bread, yogourt  

There is always me looking out for liquids to quench my thirst. I must say Korea do have plenty of dairy products to drink with varieties of flavour form banana, chestnut, vanilla, black bean, whole milk.

I got pretty thrilled over my DAY 1 trip. Once I step out from the airport, damn It is cold -11celcius.
Picture above:  showing cold air that exhaled by us vapor quickly condenses, thus it shows up as a fog.** it is not obvious in the picture.**
Hop into the bus where we felt warm again! This tour, I have 2tour guide ( I have no idea why), one is from Korean(who speaks better mandarin than me) named *Small Rain (direct translation from Mandarin)* and one is from Malaysian named Chris.

"Small Rain" told us that in Korean Culture, the age of the child is not determine through after the birth of the baby, but it consider 1years old in the mother's. Besides that, Koreans do not use Japanese electronic appliances at all. (after all they dont fancy japanese, that is what he said not me)

Lunch at 11am. What we have during winter ?
Hotpot!!! varieties of mean and vegetables placed into the Hotpot into simmering to boiling broth to cook. By the end of it, the broth is full of flavor from the ingredients.

The famous korean's side dishes.
From Kimchi vegetables, kimchi carrot, dried and salted fish, fried yellow bean, seaweed and  fried bean curd. Kimchi is a fermented vegetables dish highly seasoned with red pepper and garlic and it is served at virtually all meal.

    huge plate of thinly sliced frozen pork

Each of us were served with Bibimbap: means mixed rice with vegetables. It was served in a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul(salted and seasoned vetables), bean sprouts, seaweed, spinach, fried egg, few slices of pork and bean curd.

While waiting for the broth to be done, the ingredients in the Bibimbap are stirred together throughly before eating and with the preffered add sauce or chili paste.

The broth is done! time to eat. What is the best part during travel? The food hello! you definitely would like to avoid diarrhea or vomiting during the travel or after returning since I actually experience it from my past travel to GUILIN, China.

I still wearing my cashmere coat, I still felt the cold!

Spotted a DOG with super thick fur outside the restaurant. I myself is shivering over the temperature meanwhile the dog felt nothing I guess.

Resume with our trip after lunch, we headed down to Byeonsan beach and given 15minutes. It was acknowledge as the three most popular beaches and it was renowned for it silvery white sand beach and windbreaker fir forest. And now that it is in winter season, it acts as a buffer against the cold wind. Well that is what the tour guide says, it is true? Cause I felt pretty damn cold still.

It was cold therefore we jump!

By the way, the sunset at 5pm in Korea. Proceed to Deapohang, a bustling port with the freshest raw fish restaurants and the thriving live fish market and not to forgot excellent delicious delectable foods you can find.

We leave no mercy, we actually bought most of the snack we saw.

sweet potatoes

Squid stuffed with rice and varieties of vegetables

The stuffed squid was cut into pieces and grilleeeeddd it...Yum!

Korean's Satay-Chicken, Pork

Crab and Squid

Fu cuk.

Our satisfying Seafood Dinner at nearby Deapohong..

Straight to Hotel rated 4star after our dinner. What I need now is warmness in hotel...

bantal aku

I was actually showing the inner clothes I wore to protect me from cool. 100% made of wool. It does help in keeping me warm but I need time to adjust myself in this. I wore 3thick knitted top with wool inside and another cashmere coat, damn it is feeling so uncomfortable and heavy load!

Delicious supper smile icon

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