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Monday, January 18, 2010

Day02- MT.Sorak, Yongpyong Ski Field

Off to our morning call at 7:00am, Breakfast at 8:00am. As soon we get dressed, cleaned up tada we go to Breakfast as Breakfast is Included. The weather was -3celcius, mild snowing outside.

I had Bread, Potatoes, Eggs and sausages

Lets proceed to Yongpyong- Mt.Sorakan National Park which actually considered one of Korea's most beautiful mountains and the best spot to admire cherry blossoms in spring(which is disapointing cause I'm in Winter now) and maple leaves in autumn(yet another sad case, I'm in winter). Least I still can get to admire the granite peaks, lush green valleys and dense forests.
Not finish yet!! The mountain's surrounding area has other attractions like "Divinely Inspired Sinhung Temple" which reflects the harmonization of nature and music... Enjoy the pictures.

Ain't It breath taking for such scenery?

Brother, Mummy, Me, Sister at the Seoraksan National Park's Main Entrance

The crisp air was cool on my cheeks so we had to keep ourselves warm like almost everytime! SO WE JUMP!

 so Bronze Buddha of Sinheungsa(Buddist Temple) near the main entrance to Seoraksan National Park.

Where you write all your wishes

So here we reaches the Sinhung Temple which has a history dating back to the 7th century. Sinhung Temple is also affectionately known as the temple of "frequent change" and it is the main temple of the area known as outer Mt.Seoraksan, or the eastern side of the National Park area of Mt.Seorakan, Gangwon Province.
Copied and read more from *click here* ( you don't expect me to actually know all this in 6days trip don't you?)

Magnificent view!

the piece of work which I admire so much!! the colour the design

Lunch time, eating what my family do best. 

Spotted the fish above the picture? Now look at the picture below here, it was this fish. It was put  to be dried up. That is how Koreans has fish for meal. They don't actually steam nor fried.

Proceed to Ski's clothing rent shop! The renting pretty expensive I must say. But once in a life time, don't mind paying a little more for it =)

the tops and bottoms department - Ski jackets and ski pants

Ski Eyewear

And we are armed with all the needed equiptments from Ski Jacket, SKi pants, Ski Eyewear, Boots, Skis, Gloves, Helmets. Are you ready for the own Skiing experience at Yongpyong Ski Field

To view more on my Ski's pictures, click here on Facebook :)
After skiing, we rest on the soft white snow and begun our snow man making. Seriously it was tough!!! NO Kidding, I find it a challenge! Pst: I know how to ski already!


It was so cold till my cheeks turn pink!

Dinner!!!! Squids and lots of it.

After dinner, we went back to our hotel surrounded by ski field and it is the SOuth Korean only four seasons illusion synthesis entertainment vacation resort.
Yongpyong resort is rapidly the spring, summer, fall, winter can leave behind the happy recollection throughout the year! 
WE ran to Ski field as it started to snow heavily and we were actually screaming down our throat 

Guess what the snow actually looks like a star individually like the picture above! Im dead serious

Maggie for supper, damn it was spicy. Even myself couldn't take it. Mouth also bengkak already :)

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