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Monday, January 11, 2010

It was Mei Yee's Birthday + Christmas Eve

I know it had been ages to blog about Christmas Eve. But who cares, least I blog about it and I happens to get these pictures yesterday. I would be heavily rotten waiting for these pictures.

Anywhere it is the day of Christmas Eve and we headed down to Laundry for drink to celebrate Mei Yee's Birthday on 25th December, No kidding on Christmas Day! I know my sisters wouldn't be free as we have our own gang respectively( as if like she is gonna ask me to go out with her, dream on! She knows who she is)

the boys with lots of maiden names to call.

ME and my boy joined them after our dinner at Sakea Sushi

It's christmas baby, Cecilia and Genie

Shinto and Genie

The ladies: Sha sha, Genie, Cecilia, Mei Yee

my baobei me love :)

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