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Sunday, January 24, 2010

MOS Uniform party

Mos, Euphoria at Sunway with spicing things up for this event with a THEMED UNIFORM PARTY with free flow all night :) It sounds so good to me especially those who can't drink like me*pointing myself*
Well well the call upon all the Dude and Dutches party all night long! woot~~~
It has been a while, it was indeed =)

the sexy cocktail waitress, Grace and Cecilia*not in uniform code*

The Mafia, Genie and Koori as well as the *rejected* prisoners- Darrion, Shinto and Eu Jin and last but not the least Me =)

The ladies - Genie, Koori, Shasha, Grace and Cecilia
the music is darn guud! it was R&B all night *me lurve* =)

Look what I had snap,
Guy- hand on the waist (check-ed!!)
Girl- hand on his chest(check-ed!!)
Need to say more?

look at who I meet In MOS, my OC!!!
oh boy I meet Yazzz at MOS too! damn!

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  1. Hey babe

    Thanks for coming for the uniform party at MOS - Euphoria the other day. Looks like you had fun and we certainly did. Wouldn't have been a blast without you all!

    We've got more events lined up for 2010 so follow us on Twitter for the latest news and updates - http://twitter.com/EuphoriabyMOS

    Hope to see you at MOS - Euphoria again soon? ;)


    The MOS - Euphoria Team