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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

CNY Day06

I hereby solemnly declare that: this year Chinese New Year ain't that fun as last year. Probably due to some of my friends start working or were at abroad = (. Oh boy, How fast time could passed?

Me and Crystal went along and what would we do in a single day? We did a little shopping before heading down to the plan tonight. We basically went into the shop and grab what that I have a crush on and bring those absolutely gorgeous dress into the fitting room and unrealized looking at the watch **GASPED- when I saw it, I did **
Man I love this bohemian pattern dress ><

I got myself a khaki black dress from Cotton On, one of my fav purchase!

Who doesn't love this KILLER HEELS!

We had our dinner at Little Taiwan before heading to the tonight's plan. First stop to Emily's house, I saw lots of dolled up people were late comers. I was in Emily's room watched for a while expecting something good to happen and it did. Emily's bf were there. Well congratz to her finally managed to get one man for herself!
lad down to a fair price and instantly regretted it. 
 From left top: Li Ching, Cecilia, Emily, Emily's bf ( apparetly I forgot his name as it was a challenge for me to remember such difficult name ><)
From left bottom: Pey Yun, Kely, Angeline, Crystal.

Proceed to Angeline's house. I was very keen to go to her house, look at the picture below and you could probably get what I meant. This girl is sucha talent!
Angeline and Cecilia

 Looking ahead that there is no possible we don't bully Emily's bf well I shall call him a Banker!
I should have Mucho Gusto to him >< well by the time we left to next stop, I could have buy a set of MCD fish fillet with my winning money :)

 the evening just pottering about soaking it all in before we head off again.
I was just posing okay! haha 

Proceed to Pey Yun's house. It was pretty quick like 15miutes? Cause I got a call from my lovely mother asking tons of questions!

Feeling very refreshed after the small winning and this time at my house it was time for Gambling..........again!! Every each of us have our position ready with our bet hoping that we could win a three set of MCD! Just a few round of the betting, it seems flashy shiny that my 2 set of MCD gone to a million miles away from the craziness.

Whatever least I'm happy on what I had gain and what I had lose.

pst::Orginally I was wearing the Black Seed Cardigan and Flora Dress fom Cotton On.

Friday, February 26, 2010

CNY Day04

After for all the long planning, finally we gathered together after like 2years not meeting.
Yea I know, 2years is pretty long. They are still crazy after all these years!

What we normally do during this festive season, tradisionally pai nian!! aka kunjung-menunjung each other!
My pai nian is still the old orthodox way, sitting around chatting, gambling, drinking. Anywhere I went over to CMC's house for lunch! Next stop at Qian Qian house.
From left top: Jenny, Qian Qian, Yuen Si, Cecilia, Yun Pei, Sui Ling
From left bottom: erm, Eng Lik Juin Tat, CMC, Yun Pei's bf, Soon Tek and Chee Siong.

Calvin Christie & Cecilia Chui

After Qian Qian's house, we off to Jenny's house  :)

Top: Jenny
Bottom: Yuen Si and Cecilia

Okie after getting into my best part: Getting angpao we straight go off to Juin Tat's house.
a very one typical cat ><
I thought it was a typical doll from Indonesia, mana tao it turns out to be a real cat 

Camwhoring in Juin Tat's room

The last destination of today = My Crib!

I'm loving this picture!
It looks so advert!

So Happy Chinese New Year to you guys!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CNY Day03

My actual plan isn't at this SUISHIN Japanese Restro at Mont Kiara at first. It was a random pick since that the other Japanese BBQ restaurant at Sri Hartamas that I'm going to bring my family is still on Chinese New Year Mood. Well perhaps next time dad :)

There is some particular thing that I do not like about this restaurant. The MENU! Let's face it the menu of any restaurant has to be the upmost vital thing as it indirectly give impact to your own restaurant.
It was in Japanese! How de hell I could even possibly understand to a person that take Jap food once a while?

Look at the menu, I have no idea what is Tori Nankotsu Age? What is that?

They serve diamond maki? Meaning? There is no description for the food they have.

Bring over my couz sister along, Juliana
Me and my mom (making hell lots of undecent faces)

if you were to look closely, the egg is actually different that it serve in any Japanese Restaurant

BTW, the food they serve taste not that bad after all, but it was a lilttle bit pricy. 
Guess what? The bills came up to 400++

After the dinner, I meet up with my secondary babes! Crystal and Emily for a drink at Wikiki, TTDI plaza.
well It been long long long since we sit and drink and talk

Cecilia and Crystal

Crystal, Emily and Cecilia =)

Monday, February 22, 2010

CNY Day02

Chinese New Year Day 2, well I'm counting down the day!
I shall make sure I utilized every day with some activities ;) gambling perhaps with only RM1.00

outfit of today: High waist demin jeans with ruffle top with oxford heels :)

Second day of Chinese New Year back to mom's side in Sri Kembangan. 
WEll there is one thing imma happy with, least I do not need to go back to Johor or Kuantan for Chinese New Year cause my both kampung is uber near :)

this is what I love about my family, we actually do that to each other in house!!!
dad sitting on brother's lap while me pulling or tickling brother.

Cecilia & Edmund

Well I love to take the camwhoring to another level with dad perhaps?

daddy acting cute me likey = )

me and my both couzinzzzzzzzz

a lil bit of edditing turns out like that. I love photoshop!
Reunion dinner together with the Lee's family. I love sit and doing nothing who doesn't? Well I pass all the unwashed dirty dishes to brother and he do the job, and again who says guys do not need to wash those?

daddy is sucha big bully

Me and Grandma. I personally think we do look a like especially the cheek bone, do you think so?

my couzzzzz

Well once I get back home, a urgent date with my other cousin Juliana. Was in her room messing around with her stuff, pst: don't angry yea :)

this is ancient! man it been a really long time since I read comics!

What is better than a cheese cake with green tea blended with my fav board game= blokus!

This is how I spent my day :)