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Friday, February 19, 2010

CCIP ~ I Nite(2010)

Been so hectic for the past few weeks of night practicing for the upcoming event I-Nite by Cross Cultural Intergration Programme(CCIP).  But all those hard work finally comes to an end. No doubt on tons of pictures taken by the camwhores.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
7:30pm - 11:30pm
Grand Hall, Multimedia University, Cyberjaya

Yes I know that it has been way too long since I blog-ed! I thought I was late for the dressing up and make up session, well I could have guess I had been too punctual. 

How creative they are!!!

Once I'm done with my make up and my dresssing, I look out and out of my expectation, the massive crowds really took out of me. Btw, thanks for my friends who came, I really do appreciate that.

**some pictures taken from a friend of mine in FB**

From Cultural Dance to Cultural Fashion show..............

Photos below are pictures behind the scenes!!!! We had too little time but has too much time for camwhoring.

From left: Japan, Sabah, Malay, Chinese, Sarawak, Chinese

Ally (Japan) and Cecilia (Sarawak)

My Sarawak partner, Hoe

 We have Libya, Sabah, Iran, India, Nigeria, Malayisan, Sarawak, Japan, Chinese and Bangladesh.

 from left: Ehsan, Samira, Jerry, ? , Cecilia, ?

Right after the show , we changed to our own comfort, I wore black tank with my Kariza Designs. I just simply love thier design as you can wear them in 100 of ways out of a simple cloth. From skirt to top to dress! The cloths are all made in India.

From left: Cong, Qrezz, Kzmo, Hoe, Cecilia, ALly, Grace

Me and Su Lin aka the Loo's gf

 From left: Teressa, Cecilia and Ehsan

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