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Monday, February 22, 2010

CNY Day01

For those people out there, I wish you a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR.
Hope you guys have joyous and Merry Chinese New Year. I know I have :)

well these are the things that it wouldn't be missed out during Chinese New Year. 
The blasting Firecrackers!!!!
Please don't complain bout the loud noises , we only do this once a year = )

Prepare for more blasting crackers!

Anywhere that was the midmorning prayers on First day of Chinese New year = )
We shall smile for whole day ahead as no one suppose to have sad face like this = (  on Chinese New Year.
I shall be forgiving this time for someone constantly pissing me off! Not very me but I'm doing it for the sake of LUCKS!

Ouch what I love most when I go back to my kampung, Bentong @ Pahang?
I miss my grandmother's duck! it was damitt delicious seriously but I shall give a lower credit for this year =(
Grandma seems to not herself, the duck dish was just ~average~ not to my expectation : (

Damit lots of sad faces icon now, I shall smile back by camwhoring!!!!!! That is easy isn't it?
Angeline & Cecilia

Cecilia & Edmund.

Time for tea time! Screaming for ice-cream due to the humid and hot sun! gosh! 

Juliana, 9th Uncle, Cecilia

Joel & Cecilia. Peeps! Imma not short, just that Joel is damn tall aites~
Cecilia Angelina and Grandpa

Joel, Juliana, Cecilia, Angelina and Grandpa!

My other cousin's son came =) chubby winny cutey !!
my second grandma!!!
Oh Imma such a bless, I have 2grandpa this side!

and it ends with reunion dinner together = )

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