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Monday, February 22, 2010

CNY Day02

Chinese New Year Day 2, well I'm counting down the day!
I shall make sure I utilized every day with some activities ;) gambling perhaps with only RM1.00

outfit of today: High waist demin jeans with ruffle top with oxford heels :)

Second day of Chinese New Year back to mom's side in Sri Kembangan. 
WEll there is one thing imma happy with, least I do not need to go back to Johor or Kuantan for Chinese New Year cause my both kampung is uber near :)

this is what I love about my family, we actually do that to each other in house!!!
dad sitting on brother's lap while me pulling or tickling brother.

Cecilia & Edmund

Well I love to take the camwhoring to another level with dad perhaps?

daddy acting cute me likey = )

me and my both couzinzzzzzzzz

a lil bit of edditing turns out like that. I love photoshop!
Reunion dinner together with the Lee's family. I love sit and doing nothing who doesn't? Well I pass all the unwashed dirty dishes to brother and he do the job, and again who says guys do not need to wash those?

daddy is sucha big bully

Me and Grandma. I personally think we do look a like especially the cheek bone, do you think so?

my couzzzzz

Well once I get back home, a urgent date with my other cousin Juliana. Was in her room messing around with her stuff, pst: don't angry yea :)

this is ancient! man it been a really long time since I read comics!

What is better than a cheese cake with green tea blended with my fav board game= blokus!

This is how I spent my day :)

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