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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CNY Day03

My actual plan isn't at this SUISHIN Japanese Restro at Mont Kiara at first. It was a random pick since that the other Japanese BBQ restaurant at Sri Hartamas that I'm going to bring my family is still on Chinese New Year Mood. Well perhaps next time dad :)

There is some particular thing that I do not like about this restaurant. The MENU! Let's face it the menu of any restaurant has to be the upmost vital thing as it indirectly give impact to your own restaurant.
It was in Japanese! How de hell I could even possibly understand to a person that take Jap food once a while?

Look at the menu, I have no idea what is Tori Nankotsu Age? What is that?

They serve diamond maki? Meaning? There is no description for the food they have.

Bring over my couz sister along, Juliana
Me and my mom (making hell lots of undecent faces)

if you were to look closely, the egg is actually different that it serve in any Japanese Restaurant

BTW, the food they serve taste not that bad after all, but it was a lilttle bit pricy. 
Guess what? The bills came up to 400++

After the dinner, I meet up with my secondary babes! Crystal and Emily for a drink at Wikiki, TTDI plaza.
well It been long long long since we sit and drink and talk

Cecilia and Crystal

Crystal, Emily and Cecilia =)

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