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Friday, February 26, 2010

CNY Day04

After for all the long planning, finally we gathered together after like 2years not meeting.
Yea I know, 2years is pretty long. They are still crazy after all these years!

What we normally do during this festive season, tradisionally pai nian!! aka kunjung-menunjung each other!
My pai nian is still the old orthodox way, sitting around chatting, gambling, drinking. Anywhere I went over to CMC's house for lunch! Next stop at Qian Qian house.
From left top: Jenny, Qian Qian, Yuen Si, Cecilia, Yun Pei, Sui Ling
From left bottom: erm, Eng Lik Juin Tat, CMC, Yun Pei's bf, Soon Tek and Chee Siong.

Calvin Christie & Cecilia Chui

After Qian Qian's house, we off to Jenny's house  :)

Top: Jenny
Bottom: Yuen Si and Cecilia

Okie after getting into my best part: Getting angpao we straight go off to Juin Tat's house.
a very one typical cat ><
I thought it was a typical doll from Indonesia, mana tao it turns out to be a real cat 

Camwhoring in Juin Tat's room

The last destination of today = My Crib!

I'm loving this picture!
It looks so advert!

So Happy Chinese New Year to you guys!

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