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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day04- Seoul

Hotel is Seoul is darn freaking cold, aren't they suppose to cater their customers with heater in the LOBBY! Frreezing shit, the heater only available to receptionist .  
What we have here? oh! A Outback Steak House with serving of Bento box in Korea! How cute ^^

We shall proceed to our journey to Ginseng outlet, the day before was Ginseng Farm and this is Ginseng outlet. Get the difference peeps? No pictures allowded! So this is the only picture I got (curi-curi ambil nia!).
Later proceed to Cosmetic outlet, well I had to say it was rather wayyyyyyyyyyy cheaper compared in Malaysia.

Then precede to Ice Bar in a minimum 5-degree environment. DING! What a place to visit. You also could try on Ice-craving ^^

So before I entered the Ice Bar, I put on another cashmere coat that they do provide for us. Hell yea! I grab without any hestitation as it was 5degree and outside with -14degree, do you wants to live?
The place inside the Ice Bar was _______________*amazed by the work they put on it*

saw the extra extrra clothes i Put on!

Oh anywhere it was ice-shaving time! I betta you would like this!
So each of us were given a block of ice like picture below and from the block of ice, you need to crave out a jug or mug or anything you would like as long there is a hole for you to pour in carbonates drinks.
The person with the best design would receive a medal^^.

So lets get our thing started!

All of us*I meant my family* crave out a mug! 
from left: Brother's, Mine, Sister's, Mom's and lastly Dad's

And mom's mug were in the 3rd place. congratz

HAPPY 2010!
Lets proceed to our lunch, this time would be different cause the food im comsuming is related to Ginseng!

Samgye T'ang (Ginseng Chicken Soup)
By eating hot ginseng chicken soup, people can restore their bodies and spirits on hot summer days. The chicken is stuffed with ginseng, jujubes, sticky rice, and garlic. It is then stewed and seasoned with salt and black pepper when served. * that is what I googled*

It was delicious! Instead of taking Ginseng wine directly into my body, I pour the Ginseng wine into the soup ^^

look at our satisfying face!

Next LOL! to Crystal factory! bleh no picture !

Probably this would excites you! Everyone loves shopping especially under degree of -14celcius and with such strong wind, you could even barely feel your face. My cheeks turns pink again!
Damn look at those winter boots they are selling, My hand got really itchy!

After few hours of shopping under such crazy weather! We get ourself warm again by crashing into SEVEN MONKEY COFFEE SHOP!

WE had our coffee's!!! and cheese cake (bleh) and muffin!

BAck to the journey touring around SEOUL, was amazed by some of the buildings! Take a look

And we went to Village of tradisional house. It is a samples and decorations of houses during the years.

The whole gang XP

saw those tempayan, it keeps all those kimchi

Oh boy dad got into the snow ball fight and I end up got clumsy and fell! damnit my backache! and how lucky I am,my bum actually saved me! thanks bumm!

Proceed to shopping centre! To Dongdaemum Market- The Mecca of Fashion    

pretty roses XP

These korean ladies thought Imma KOREAN  and without asking they start speaking to me in korean till I look at them in one kind @@. Okie I know the resemblance. I don't need you you you you to tell me!

Dinner= Hotpot again this time dumplingsssssssssssssssss


After our dinner, we proceed to Walker HIll casino. The largest casino in Korea. No doubt the casino we are having in Genting is way way more bigger in Korea and no doubt Casino in Macau is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bigger bigger in Genting.

Yup I went in, I'm 21 years old already kay! hehe Well casino nothing much Just lots of people smoking and gambling.

look at those sexy chic.

Okie it is time for NEw Year countdown. I got no beer so I replace it with MILK! YUmmy. 

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