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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day05- Seoul

Finally this is the last post about my Trip to Korea, Yes I'm totally aware bout -it had been one month plus. I should just proudly telling you guys how my lazy-ness struck and lazy-ness had been my all time fav personal teacher. They do know how to teach you well to-not-do-anything.

So back to where we had our breakfast- Korean Noodles

very tangy feeling

Right after the breakfast, we proceed to majestic, Kyongbok Palace. It was built in 1394 as the main and largest palace during the Chosun Dynasty. Before that we did drive by the President Blue House, the Korean President's residence.

So this is the entrance of Kyongbok Palace. BTW, it was in -14celcius and not to forget the strong wind.

The officer in uber thick cashmere

Belows are the view in the palace.............

I just love the colour and the architecture of the bulding! It was amazing!

Lastly to Local Food product shop to purchase some Korean Local products. No pictures taken as I was damn busy choosing n trying foods. Later that proceed to airport for our flight to home sweet home ^^

My tour guide on the left(with peace sign) and the one beside me , Chris

One we are done with our boarding pass, we hunt for Korean food Since that Korean food selling in Malaysia is much more expensive

My bibimap!

The most handsome Korean guy I ever seen. Damn! that boy is just fine ^^

Auto- hand cleaner

WE get into Korean Handcraft while waiting for our flight

The sunset.

WEll that's the end of it. ^^ ciao

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