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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Seremban Gateway ^^

It was a ideal night that me and Sin Yee actually follow Phea Sun back to her hometown, Seremban for some reason. Getting ready for that is going to be difficult with the class schedule and events getting in the way, but does it helps even if you complain over the blog, over the facebook , over the people? That is just how it is , LIFE. Nothing is ever easy as it seems.
I wonder where does the hustle bustle came from on Week 3? * giggle*  During the 40minutes trip, hell lots of crapping session! and the girls join in the camwhore craze. Girls do know how to have fun when comes to the right timing........
Perhaps I should start a scrapbook with title "Camwhoring in the car".....

Anywhere went over to Phea Sun's grandma house, a typical Kampung house, I love it! you don't actually need to worry bout the security. Proceed to our dinner......................
Sin yee and Phea Sun

Phea Sun and I

Okie! So I got to sit nice car *winks*winks** Phea Sun's dad is AWWWSOME!

Some SS pictures taken in the studio. There is nothing better else to do there kay

Supper, ngom ngom! Phea Sun bought us to this Teo Chew porridge and thier famous dish, Common Frog

with side dish peanuts Rm1 and salted vegetables Rm1. Damn cheap 

Common frog for two person Rm16.

Guess what we do after the adults were sleeping soundly? Here comes the pours! V.S.O.P
Tonight is the night we celebrate our day! Woot! How come I sound like a heavy drinker, in fact I'm not ^^

the craziness ends right here. My body are falling apart. Need a heavy load sleep.

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