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Friday, March 26, 2010

Malaysia International Shoe Festival (2-4th April 2010)

Crazy for heels? Heels are the women's friends, who says Diamond? and my feet deserve a work of are. Argh** Im too busy thinking about heels right now!

2-4 Apr 2010
10.30am - 8pm
+603-2693 7111       

Crazy for heels?
This prestigious event- Malaysia Shoe International Shoe Festival marks an attempt to turn the capital city of Kuala Lumpur into the "Shoe City Of the East"
What is even more than the world famous Dato' JIMMY CHOO serves as the advisor of this event with seminar on various aspect of footwear.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photography Exhibition

what are you guys waiting for? grab your camera!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

China Day01- KLIA, Shanghai, Shandong

It has been such a long period since I last blog, I has to pester myself to blog about my Trip to Shanghai and Shandung, both in China tough crazily me snapping 1000+ over pictures (probably I'm dead happy that big daddy bought my fav purchase :)  
Anywhere Did I mention that I hate midnight flight? It seems to be that I take midnight flight quite often like I took during my Trip to Korea. I hate it :( cause I can't sleep and crazily flight attendance serving us supper at 3am, how crazy! I need my sleep.

The flight took around 6hours so basically, time to sleep peeps :) and lucky me I get to see cute little caucasian baby and yes baby cries which did obviously disturbe my beauty rest.

This is not the supper at 3a.m for sure, this is the Morning Breakfast provided and served by MAS flight attendance. This morning breakfast is superb! 

Salmon salad! Rocher® chocolates! Sweet Tooth Dessert! 

and not to forget this spectacular sunrise over the morning breakfast, I felt Lurve :)

once we landed down Shanghai Airport, get the luggage and check in Domestic Airport to Shandung. Heard that place was pretty cold. As I'm walking to check-in the luggage, something blue something like a tooth caught my eye, it was EXPO2010! It does looks like a tooth from far. Maybe a tooth fairy? hehe

the bulding structure of the Airport 

International Hongkong/Macau/Taiwan Flight Passengers Keep Away. Do you know what it meant? Keep away? I find it real cute!
Picture below: This is how it done when a customer complain about the services, the head would ask them out in a straight line and scold dem kao kao!

That is a crazy RM18 Movenpick ice-cream! RM18 for a small scoop like that? I could have almost 2scoop of Haagen-Dazz already.
And that is my ride babey! and not to forget the neighbourhoodddddddddd

Anyone say food again? Its lunchie time :)

crazy menus display!
and we got ourself in private dining room :) waseh I felt lucky suddenly

Thanks to the swan who serve me well during the meal and it was one lil cute piece they have :)
PItures below are the foods that my dad's friend ordered! 11dishes my godness. Usually in Malaysia the maximum dishes we order is only 8 or 9.

I love this dish the most! The idea of pumpkin! oh god! It was grilled and it was damn gud!
and regarding on China blocked facebook which is so damn true, I used Roaming instead to update myself  =) tough Roaming is dead-fully expensive! and it least facebook could kill my boredom :)

After lunchie, off to Seven Bond Company in somewhere Shandung haha! Seven Bond the "preferred panel partner, the art of aluminium composite panel " and panel are the thing that you see nowadays in each high-rise building or even as interior, anything as you preferred. Hey they should totally pay me for advertising it for free in Malaysia =)

Seven bond with panels everywhere. That is panel humans!

the aluminium- took during the factory tour 
panels are used in most of the building you see!

After the tour which took around 2hours(the place is huge okie ) and not to mention there is female workers in the factory! some were spraying coating line, taking deliver order, waxing the panels and so on.

 We check-in to Seven Bond'd hotel, (yea they do have mini hotel in their company) and have our dinner in the Seven Bond's company as well. Well what can I say in a company itself they have company for sure, mini hotel and a restaurant : ) How impressive!

Daddy's friends and some Seven Bond's Board of Directors

Lets go back where the part that always makes ppl goes "eww", "arrr". It is not gross since it is still eatable and as long it is food I'm okei with it.

Sea cucumber! very tangy!!!

Did I head someone say eww? Seriously that is what I did when they asked me to try. I take that thing up using my chopstick and take a closer loook at that thing and I say it must be good! and here with all my guts putting that insects into my mouth and trying to chew on it. and hey! It was really damn good!

This is one of my fav! The scorpion! very delicious instead!

It is a meat, but not pork not chicken not beef not mutton. But what it is?
It is a Donkey meat! Dead serious and it was real gooooood and I even bought some donkey meat back to Malaysia.

Weellll there is nothing much to do beside camwhoring and no-facebook, no-youtube. only email :(
argh fainted if I were actually a resident in China. They block those youtube? really? Facebook really? WHY?