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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day02- Shandong

I know it been long, so I shall proceed with my Shandung Trip.
It has been a great pleasure for the kind hospitality and the services from Seven Bond company, it has been a great experience and I felt treated like a Queen (❛◡❛✿) I could not forget how windy and the cold breeze that morning, I was shivering as I did not put on my cashmere on while touring the factory.

The marvelous breakfast served especially for the Guest. It is good I must say but a little bit too oily for morning breakfast. I do personally lorveeee the fried rice :)

Next on, they actually plan a short tour for us to Confusion History. Okie when comes to history I felt dizzzy and comes to chinese traslator I could just totally pass. I have no idea what are they even talking. Call me B.A.N.A.N.A

The Confusion Historical place was situated at a pretty urban area. And when you step into urban area, this is that place where you do your business, in short LOO

Proceed to lunch :) This place is famous for popiah! For real! They serve differently compared in Malaysia.

The corn popiah(in yellow)

Omg I lurve this vege! It was so crunchy!

A pork with cabbage and oils! but it was really good despite the oil that actually freaks me out

I'm a Cinderella of today having my own Horsey ride to the town ( Confusion Historical).

Tree that lives for thousand of years~

They call this dog, tiger dog, Zoon in and look at it's teeth! oMGF. The dog actually scares me

Tanah perkuburan >< takut

Does this pictures gives you a feeling of ancient Dynasty!

Spotted my surname, any translator here?

lurvint the art work of humans! the details of every piece is a masterpiece.

After the long hours of touring, we were brought to Sheraton Hotel for a night before flying to Shanghai on the next day. The place is effin amazing! How could I say? I actually happy that I follow my dad to this trip :)

I personally lurve this shot, So alike in 2 diff world :)
and how happy am I ?

After showering, grooming, dressing up, here goes to our finest Restaurant for our dinner with the rest of Seven Bond's Assistant Director.
The place is awwsome , great services, great food , great great great great!

This is actually a soup. Yes a soup! I was so confused cause they serve me this in between the meal and I ask them if it is a dessert, they replied me "no, it is a soup". Okie I was blur-ed!
Pumpkin!! god lorve this!

Soup! again!  This time mix of Barley and Pork meat. Seriously Omg it taste so good! I actually have another bowl. You couldnt even get this in Malaysia okei!
These are the people that serve us that night :) How happy and they sing us "welcome to Shandong " haha how cute!
Crazy wind!!!!

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