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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day03- Shandung, Shanghai

Our delightful breakfast at SHERATON hotel and it is a habit of mine to aim at Pastry Cream! 
Pastry cream is a rich, think custard and I would lurve my pastry cream with topped whipped cream and yes I know remind me again it is fattening but who cares.
" I'm enjoying while I can".

and this is the local Shanghai Noodles spicy soup with seafood ball, fish ball and meet ball. Below are the picture of the spicy soup, looks is always deceiving but in fact it isn't spicy at all or maybe that is how they call it "SPICY" there...but nothing I can compare the spicy noodles that I had in Guilin, China, that cause of the swollen mouth with the skin looking like it has been burnt by hot liquid.

After the satisfying breakfast, gotta go and catch a flight to Shanghai ♡♡♡and getting the fact that the security is uber strict, the basically ordered me to remove my socks and shoe, seriously socks? walking through the scanner- it didn't beep, you must have known what I meant, they even take my shoe to scan = =". I could totally understand that they are just protecting their country anyhow.

I just simply lurve the picture of a grandchildren with his grandparents and not forgetting how adorable is the baby! oH WANNA pinch at his cheek

The prettttyyyy Shanghai Air Steward that serve me well and her smile just melt the whole world.!

And yet Shanghai is a truly epic city and it is the biggest city in the whole of China. A modern city with massive stores and stylish buildings towering high into the sky. It is yet another Kuala Lumpur busy bee road!

The crepo cabs right outside of the Shanghai Airport and the weather was uber hawt like Malaysia 36 degree hot. I have no idea why Shandung and Shanghai's weather were so much different, it's like I just travel back to Malaysia zzzzz...Daddy's friend's driver pick us up form the airport and straight to lunch for taiwan restro.
And I think I have to start learning how to read a lil bit of Chinese wording, get what I meant? all chinese character, aku tak paham!

And here I am checking into the hotel :) Imma in 956 room! After unpack my stuff, get changed and really to hit to Nanjing Road for some shopping :)

Here the Nanjing Road with reputation of No.1 Commercial Street in China

The satay is superb!!!

time for squeencceee my thirst for some Real Fruit Juice!

Lurving my grey cashmere!! and the superb amazing view of all the high rise building and I went into the shopping mall for about 3hours straight to look for a new cashmere as now they are having Winter clearance, so I heard discount! and I got myself a a black buttoned up cashmere, superb good quality and cutting, and the weather at night is awwsome! chilling ~
my new cashmere!

And not forgetting the beautiful colorful lights along the Nanjing Street.

And my dad bought 2tickets for Huangpu River Cruise sightseeing by ferry. Noted that HUangpu River is a multi-functional river with the values of drinking water, shipping, fishery, flood discharge, tourism and other aspects. Beautfiful, spectacular view , I could see Shanghai's historic Bund and the modern Pudung skyline!

Do enjoy the pictures!!!

After the sightseeing, my stomach seems unsatisfied with me. Not that I'm just hungry but I can sense "TOUFU BUSUK" from far...omg!! I dare not take even a small lil bite.

Instead of having "TOUFU BUSUK" i take dumpling!

PIcture below are my dinner :) Chicken, eel and vege as simple as that.

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