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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Japanese Cultural Night

Japanese Cultural Night 09/10 in MPH....
I must say good sketch! and of cos the darlings Kimmy and Ally did a great job out there.
I went with my full time criminal, Grace Chang Lyn Kuan XP right after my exam, Sorry for the dreadfull pic of mine cos I had not been sleeping, so you could understand right?
The cute baby!! I must have pinch him lots if he/she were my lil one :)
My coursemate, Xin Ling on the left and Sammi on the right and Grace the extended 
Met Loo there and his gf looks stunning in japanese make up and costume!

the fashion show! Spotted my son darrion on runway! woto

Camwhoring begun right after the show, I must camwhore with my darling!!!

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