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Monday, April 19, 2010

MEMOIRS- Behind the Scene, Backstage!

Well updates on the MEMOIRS event that long held in Grandhall for three days straight and everything has come to an end- what can I say? FASHION SHOW by MIA academy, nervous gila cause since it is related to FPS club (Photography Club), hundreds of DSLR aiming towards yalll.....

And I got my two little cuttie in thier Kimono :)
Sin Yee, Cecilia and Phea Sun looking sweet these two FE's girls muahhhhhh    
My oufit : Vintage Dress from Miss Selfridge
Pumps: Pink Rose pumps from BANGSAR

My rest pretty girls, from left: Kel Myn, Grace, Yvone, Cecilia and Peh Ting

My few Uni-mates, From left: Michelle, Rex, Pui Yieng, Cecilia, Li Ping and Siao Boon
lurving this picture, like a family :) The models and the working comittees

Time to put on think make up and get dressed up........
The designers and their clothes

Okie, seriously If you do not want to get frighten, exit from the window. My uber thick make-up might probably scare you off. I was just being sarcastic for sure and the make-up artist did a great job on that.

Me and my Make-up artist.

Pictures below are just purely all cam-whoring pictures with our think make-up, high-heels and designers clothes on.
Iffah, Neera and Me are in our Batik theme clothes. It a pure talent for such designers to design such dresses, I , myself do not even notice it was a Batik till the designer told me herself, and yaH! the designer is a Gurlll.......
and for more pictures, do view at my facebook.

From left: Kel Myn, Jia Yee, Sherlyn, Cecilia, Samira and Grace

from left: Peh Ting, Jain and Cecilia in Batik!

candid shot :)
spotted Jessica doing some touch-up

and our dinner :) crazy model suppose to be starving, but instead of that, all went crazy over food

and not to mention my FE's course-mates (Financial Engineering).
From left: Loshini, Cecilia , Rosemary, Peh Ting and Yvonne .

our silly act :)

and my little fav babe came and visit us :) muahhhhh
from left: Grace, Yvonne and Phea Sun. Where I'm I??
Im holding the camera la Noob

girls practising their pose-sssss

my girls :)
from left: Catherine, Samira, Nora, Jessica, Cecilia, Sherlyn, Reena, Iffah, Loshini, Yvonne, Grace, Kah Yee, Peh Ting and Jia Yee.

Noted: some of the girls missing :)

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