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Friday, April 9, 2010

MIA Fitting day

I hate to break this word down, I miss the gurls (dalam tang mishe!!) that I had been working with for MEMOIRS event.
But I did manage to keep in touch with some of the girls , least most of it tsk tsk.
Here are some pictures I had during with the girls and I always lurve group pictures :)

Left: X, Jia yee, Nora, Samira, Denise, Kah Yee, Cecilia, Jecissa, Grace, Jain, Kel Lymn
My pretty girls with diff poses, heart them XP

I find this picture real touching, it portrays a deep friendship feeling between me and Iffah and not to mention the facial expression of Loshini and Nora and Grace- extra credit to this picture.

The 22 ladies

After the hard-work of practicing with heels on, finally we went for the day that *lets just say- make sure you don't eat*.
Okie, I had not been paying attention during the briefing :), sorry I was too busy cam-whoring and I hope you could understand me ♡♡

Me and my Aziman Samira

Left Top: Iffah, Cecilia, Loshini, Grace, Kah Yee
Left below: Melissa, Nora,Reena, Jesicca

Left: Iffah, Kah Yee, Cecilia

Below picture: picture taken from Yvone, this is the dresses that we are initially assigned
From Left: Iffah ( in wedding gown), Loshini (in wedding gown), Grace (in red cocktail dress), Cecilia (in Wedding gown) and Yvone ( in wedding gown)

After the crazy fitting-in-dresses, we went hunting for food while waiting for the MMU bus driver to have their dinner. Food hunting was good! we are like the stray cats who had not been eating for days.

The cam-whoring in the bus? felt the lurve from the girls with their beautiful smile melts the picture

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