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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Final forYear 2 Done!

Yeah! I'm gonna fly high for the fact that I had finished my Final for Year 2. Oh boy! Time do passes like a lighting speed and getting these babes beside me makes my day more worthwhile xp. You can capture and keep the heart of many friends of man or women you choose because the mystery finally reveal what love of friendship are about. What triggers it.What kills it and most importantly what makes it last. and thanks for being here with me 
Akward it is not going to club after Final, maybe it's because my body told me so that I'm fringging getting old and tired. But I won't just go wasting my night like that, as long we do it together, I don't mind what, where and when we are doing it.

We went for the L.O.V.E which spells as Heineken :)

And this is the look when you me drinking and believe it or not, it is not even half bottle i'm taking and I look damn tipsy already!
cam-whoring in toilet? not-a-good-idea

We went for sweet tooth!! Ice-cream L.O.V.E.............I do have lots of L.O.V.E that night = )

I took two flavor of ice-cream. pretty much crazy me for such high craving at such hour and it was 2am . Bohoho! who cares

And I went for my current addiction and my girl friends loves it :)

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