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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Library,Jinjang@seafood,Desa Park City

It never been long since my last visit at Library,Curve for the such amazing price on Hoegaarden during their happy hour. It wouldn't be that good to have a person like me- who doesn't drink/ doesn't know how to drink?
If you had drink with me before, well you would know my ability in drinking =)
Who have the better mustache?
Want to test my ability in drinking? This is how I look like a few a few sip of beer. But no worries I still could remember my way back home. Trust me on this :)

After the drinking, as I promised the girls to bring them to have tasty food at great price. Yes, if you had read my blog, I been to this place for the butter cream crabs! Instantly, we had become a neighborhood favorite for a delicious meal at Jinjang Seafood Restaurant.

Craving for it now? I betcha! Just look the crazy mess we did on the table and you know it is delicious. What could you ask for fresh served crab of 6 with RM60 in total?

After drinking, after satisfiying meal, time to hit the park for our little digestion :) and do enjoy the pictures :) tata

I took a couple of shots :) 

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