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Sunday, August 1, 2010

LOT10 HUTONG- Beef Noodles

With some reason, we head down low-yat and I always love teeny weeny bites. My friend introduced durian puff and yam(served cold) fried puff. You must have known I'm not a fan of any related durian but least I tried this puff- like one bite, it was sinful the creamy mustard durian made you craved like ** One bite is never enough**.

My parents been telling me about famous beef noodles at  LOT10 Hutong and I got my thumbs up once I tried. Lot 10 Hutong is known to serve some of the best KL's hawkers food under one roof. I do love the modern contemporary design of the food court but trust me when you get down there you would want to take it slow to look around as mirrors surrounding you does give you migraine.

the yellow noodles topped with generous amount of minced pork in black sauce with spring onion and pepper served with side dishes vegetable and beef ball and etc. 

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