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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Havana, 7ate9, home :)

Belated Birthday dinner for the Birthday gurl, Sunny :) at Little Havana@ Changkat which well-knows as Cuban-Style Restaurant and Latin Club.
We head on upstairs where it is the venue for all irresistible and adventure cuisine, where Havana serves Cuban fusion cuisine. They have selection which I name a few cocktails, single malt whiskey and I do heard of pretty hand-rolled Havana cigars which I might try to try it on, but not now.

I heard crazy reviews that Havana served alligator meat, oh boy! exotic food!
I had my hand on rabbit meat, dear meat, insects, scorpions, turtle, snake, wild boar and now I get to try alligator meat. Why  not trying exotic meats while you can? I truly sympathize people who disagree with eating exotic meats, but I'm willing to make exception in the case of alligator meat. erlo! Did I made myself clear enough? Alligator meat :)

But people might ask is alligator meat good for you?
Alligator meat is considered to be healthier than domestic chicken, especially when it comes to cholesterol and fat content.

 Anywhere back to the story of the Birthday dinner
camwhoring is a must :)
So this is how alligator meat looks like. Surpisingly it tasted like chicken except it is tender.

She had her lamb shank :)

Both of them had fish :) Just look at the portion!

Little Havana

4 Lorong Sahabat, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50200
Changkat Bukit Bintang
+60 3 2144 7170

We had second round at 7ate9, located at Ascott Kuala Lumpur, around KLCC. Look out for Jalan Pinang, and you would spot this lovely place.

and we head back home for the last entertainment of the night :)

what comes with pretty candles and sinfull cakes? Pretty Birthday girl :)

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