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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Audrey's Bday Dinner :)

We had our dinner at Xiao Fei Yang @ Damansara Uptown since we couldn't say no to the crazy steamboat of combination of herbal broth and spicy hot chili soup. But you might want to pay RM22 for the broth as it served differently as you normally go for the normal steamboat. RM22 worth all as the spicy hot chili soup boiled with lots of chilies, pepper and herbs, peeps get some tissue as you might sweat alot !!! Least my brother, Alex did :) 

Varieties of ingredients to choose from, from slices of mutton, beef, pork, special pork ball ( which I super-duper like! ) ,special noodles ( you might want to try on, something really different, no pictures taken :) as I was busy eating haha! ) and lots more you can choose. But the price is slightly pricey.

We head on to meet my baby sister, Samantha in Sunway Giza and I had my hand on Tutti Fruitti. Yes, I know people would be laughing reading this saying " now only you get to try ", well anywhere I don't see there is a problem of trying earlier or later.
#1 - Choose your fav yogurt flavor.
 #2- Choose your topping.

Had my first try on Paulaner , a german beer at BOLA BISTRO@ Sunway Giza.

The Birthday girl, Audrey Tan. Happy 22nd Birthday my dear sis :)
Enjoy your Birthday to the max.....

 We had free drinks of something mix with lychee. Monday is Ladies night so there goes free drinks :)
 Time for the pictures with the pretty pretty lights :)

shall update on the velvet celebration soon =) 

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