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Sunday, October 17, 2010

CHIC POP 5, Tutti- Frutti, SUNSHINE - Bird's Nest Delight :)

Ever went shopping alone? Well I did that like alot. Don't get me wrong, it does sounds a bit like I got no friends to go with. Sometimes it happens that I have not got alot of time, I would do shopping alone. It's rather fun. DO anything You like, Do anything You wish. Anywhere I did plan to go bazaar shopping alone to Chic Pop Street Market but Matthias pratically stink at home, Me, aku, wo being samaritan to bring him out along with me.
Crazy I just brought pratically everything that catches my eyes, Matt didn't I tell you I planned to SEE and TOUCH! argh. I bought clutch, necklace, rings, top, dresses , wedges. BLUH!! There goes my $$.

I brought him to Tutti-Frutti at Sunway Giza, well it's like a 4th time in a row for a week :X My obsesssionnnn for Tutti-Frutti!
# the steps areeeeee prettttty easy :) You can actually asked the people there for free trying yogurt 

Left: Mine (combination of Original and Dark Chocolate with Orea and chips topping)
Right: Matt ( Guave mixed with Vanilla with Jelly, choco chips and Rainbow flakes) I wonder how does it taste like :S

The day still goes on when I saw this shop selling Bird Nest Tan Tart! *Faint*
HOW RARE! You don't get to see shops actually selling Bird Nest Tan Tart. I seen people eating in TV haha but I never tried it myself. Overall it was pretty good, I couldn't complain much as I don't exactly know how it actually tasted like

BTW! I'm so gonna try the Bird Nest Porridge!!!! It's like RM89 Droolllllls**

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