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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You Again?

I would say it out loud that these particular homo sapians had such natural tendencies towards evil in human. Her name is Cecilia Shantini, an Indian girl friend of mine . She spices up my schooling day even more worth while.


Had we forgotten that we are still human?
I do believe everyone out there do have crazy past history with your meanie :)
Lets the nostalgia do the work, you might probably find your history interesting.

So lets begin with the Indian girl, Cecilia Shantini * to those Indian friends out there, please don't get me wrong, I'm just naratting my story about her*. I had known this girl ever since in primary and we had been in the same class over since till secondary. I thought that we both are special tough we both in difference race. We bonded through very quickly as I'm those person who mingle easily with people and we began very really close in secondary. 
Remembering during Form3, I had lots of fancy ball pen and mechanical pencil and rubber with different sizes and shapes and colors and I could understand the overjoy of a secondary student over cute and advanced stationaries. I didn't notice on my missing stationaries day by day as I thought I was such a forgetful person that I lost it. I didn't try to look back for it, instead of that I bought new stationaries and yet it went missing again. I acted pretty normal as I thought I was so forgetful on where I place on and there is once we had to go to the Laboratory for some science experiment, Cecilia Shantini and I happens to sit together in the same table and I notice new stationaries that I used to had before. So out of curiosity, I went and asked if I can lend her stationaries to look at. 
As I look closely, there is few scratches and it labeled it her name Cecilia Shantini, as we both share the same name Cecilia. I never seen her with such fancy stationaries before so I put my guts and tell her straight to the face that the stationary is belong to me and your such a thief. But she kept on showing me this pitiful face expression as if she is innocent giving tons of excuses saying she had it all the time and she bought it herself, and she burst into tears begging me not to report to discipline teacher as I inquire on the stationary, I could see her lying to my face as I know that during those days ain't much places sell such stationaries. I forgived her act. But it never stop, there is another case where my teacher asked each and everyone of the student not to move around and do the work given. 
I remembered clearly that I placed my purse under my table and out of no where Cecilia Shantini approached me and start talking to me how sorry she was in the past and wanted us to be good friends again which I totally buy it! When the bell rings, it's time for laboratory class and my purse is no where to be found. I know it's her but she kept on denying on stealing my purse. I then saw my card I have in my purse in the girl's toilet rubbish bin and I went to the laboratory lab acted worrying asking around my friends if they had seen it and I said " there is a deposit box key in the purse, if it is lost, I had to report to police". Guess what? I told my discipline teacher about my lost purse and she helped me in asking Cecilia Shantini and I had no idea what my discipline teacher talks about but Cecilia Shantini came to me crying and begging asking me not to tell her mom about this. I don't buy her story, I was meanie to her as I told her I will tell her mom and we are not friends anymore. What that call friend? Kept on stealing your belongings and after that asking to be forgiven? But things work out between us day by day, she is a changed person, a better person I would say. So that is a history to remember. 

So I might say this sentence " You again? " in 20 or 30 years time. No one know what would happen in your life. 

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