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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yuen Si's pre-birthday@ CMC's Crib

A random plan during my finals. Who is the culprit?

I would like to make a statement. William next time remember buy me otak-otak from Johor! He actually forgot to bring otak-otak tough his gf, Jenny reminded him. Anywhere, I shall let him go this time haha! I do actually sounds like I'm gonna beat him up for not bringing my otak-otak right. Talking about beat him up, I'm so used to the sentence of Beat him up and do him good, don't leave any marks.- forgotten which movie I learnt from.
Anywhere, CMC's dad made me one Otak-otak just for me! So sweet! Heart him so much, thanks uncle :)

CMC's dog. I failed to capture the picture of the dog cause this dog is a mix of smt bread and Hot dog dog! Not this kinda dog you imagining kay! not dog in between of the bread ><
But because of thier long, narrow build, they often nicknamed hot dog, wiener dog or sausagedog or specifically in the correct term is Dachhund
But I called it fat, short and long :) hahaha

Proceed to the surprise pre-birthday celebration of Yuen Si since it rain out of the blue and lucky us we finished our BBQ-ing activities. 
Happy 22nd Birthday Yuen Si. 
Their ritual gift to the birthday girl.
Instead of that ritual of theirs, I give her a big Birthday kiss on her pink rossey cheek. :)

Boys from the left: William, CMC, Soon Tek , Ban Ming with the Birthday Girl, Yuen Si
Girls from left: Jenny, Yuen Si and Cecilia- me
Birthday girl and her younger brother.
Lastly It usually ended with group picture :)

CMC's niece is adorable ain't she :)
sorry Jenny for uploading, I was just showing to the reader on William broke the fork into two piece. I wonder wonder how he did that by eating cake and her gf is well, look at the picture. It explains all.

Anywhere that's it :)


  1. OMG! Chui Wan Phui! how can u upload that ugly pic??!!

    oh ya btw, i did not remind william about the otak. haha cos i forgot also =P

  2. what ugly la....saw my apologize sentence there?
    herm! u forogt! u told me diff story de other day ><