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Before embarking on anything,just a small description about myself.I'll keep it simple the better.I could called myself lucky for all de granted access i had from my lovely parent.Now struggling to understand my place in this world and yes life never be the same.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Not grumpy

A makeover for Yee-Ling and she looks gorgeous =) Ain't she? (in white)
It was random Financial Enginnering Girls night out to zouk. It was pretty fun, Girls & Long Island. What you need more if you have the best 2 things on that night? I'm not grumpy:)

Yee Ling, Rainee, Rosemary, Loshini, Sin Yee Cecilia

Alex Bday

It was my Baby brother, Alex Birthday. His was on the 2nd and mine is a few days after but he called me sister, that an odd! haah! Anywhere his frens wanted to celebrate his birthday over KAREOKE session in Kota Damansara, so kinda only Me and Audrey who is avaiable that night to attend despite the other two is busy bee.

But it was pretty akward I must say, everyone there sang chinese expect me and Audrey ><..............
We both were in our best behaviour, we sat at the edge singing softly *shy*
 But something funny happend in between and I shall keep that to myself. Anywhere it was pure simply celebration.

 Happy Birthday Bro! and pls get a gf as soon as possible =)
 Left: Cecilia, Audrey, Alex, ..........................(I don't remember their names, if you would know I have problems remembering chinese names).................
Cecilia Alex Audrey

Good luck in your undertaking bro!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It was a beautiful morning and I get my sister for a swim in Shang-rila Hotel and what is better then this? Almost been long since I let loose like this. Goose is loose! haha! I forgot how much fun to hang out with my sister. Not to forget that I'm a member of Shang-rila Shangri-la Gym and Spa facilities, thank you "YOU"  for the gift! Love it!
Way up to the hill. A perfect lil getaway!
walking down the rooms and you get to see the sign board saying GYM and POOL!

A lil cocktail by the pool is what I need to chill :)
And not to forget shades with your fav book to read :)

Time for Jazzzzzzuci after the swim =)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Loshini's Bday Part2

Loshini's 21st Birthday Bash continuessss....
This time instead of cocktails, we do it in interactive entertainment where everyone could not just enjoy and with complimentary dinner buffet from Japanese cuisine to Western and Chinese cuisine from 6pm till 11pm and with complimentary drinks? What a great deal! You can sing,eat and be merry, you ought be kidding me :)
I think all Malaysian includes me are greedy hack especially when comes to buffet.
*no offence folks* 
*wink* Just look at our table with the amount of plates
camwhore-d session during the singing

A birthday Cupcakes from WonderMilk@ uptown *click here* for the website
 And we get free apple frizzzy juice :)

And the night ends well :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chicken Paratel !

The highlight of the menu of the night --> Chicken Paratel which means dried chicken curry.
I asked Loshini to add more Chili powder in ( if you are gusty!!)

 ABC soup
 YUP! Dad is cooking tonight Xp

 Sausages with onion with some chili powder
 vege cooked by Sunny
 Steam egg

Good meal comes with good scenery =)

Home-cooked meal =)

Home cooked food is always the best but meal planning has never been easier! It requires a lot of work! Dining out is not as same as enjoying home-cooked meal. Both are good options but comparing the difference in quality and variety of food and atmosphere.

Cooking at home :) All homo sapians would remember fondly the delicious, comforting dishes of childhood cooked by their mummy :( But as you grow older and you end up living far away from them, you might have to learn to cook, however the only bad thing is that lots of time needed to do such preparation.

I had always love Phea Sun and Grace's cooking and I must admit I learn from the best =)
lady finger - grace
french bean-grace
pork rib- myself
steam fish- myself
lemon chicken- myself
oyster with fish meat-mom
fried angel fish- grace
vege soup-myself

It was just a mere simple dish nothing astonishing tough but then it was a great night cooking =)