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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Loshini's 21st Part 1

Finally dear Loshini in her legal adult age and congratz to her finally reaching her 21st milestone bestow. Now she can do whatever she could except for like maybe run a president?  Anywhere, it beeeeeeeeeeeen reallly long since I been KLCC and since Sunny is working there, so why not KLCC? We head on to Chili's since both Loshini and Sunny never been Chili's before.
The Birthday Gurllllllllll :)
Sunny and I
The refillabllllllle tortila chips :P

Bijou cupcakes for her
We basically had nothing much to do there, so we hang around , loiter around the park but it doesn't last long as both of us were complaining on the humidity.*AUGH* ran back into the store for some cold breeze
We even tried trying out clothes which I pick for her, well I shall see Loshini in this outfit probably in another 5years? Wanna give i a bet? She looks so much like a grown women or perhaps I shall call it Iron Lady?
We passes by Ed Hardy store and there is free painting Ed Hardy Tatto, weeeeeeeeeee~~
As long you purchase any item more than RM30, you get a free painting Ed Hardy Tatoo.

I got myself a deadly rose with knife in it.

The finished process of Ed Hardy Tatto, but no worries peeps. It would be washed off through water.
Has the world changed? Or I'm just stuck in isolated places that I didn't get the catch a glimpse of the real world out there, the picture above of a lil gurl carrying a D-handle LV same as the mom but in a matter of size. Would I do that in the future to my kids if I have tooooooo much money?
you never know what happens in the future.

We were getting a lil bit tired and we quickly get a seat by the bench provided in the mall and we had our cupcakes :) Sweet tooth*

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