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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birthday in Shangri-la Putrajaya in Executive Suite

My girls celebrated my birthday in Shangri-la putrajaya, and it was a executive suite :)
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you all la =) thanks for those who came for my party and it was a blast and those girls who got so wasted (you know I'm talking bout you!), I have no idea except one thing that you did enjoy-ed! 

Decoration was so last-minute, I just had to pump balloon for 2 hours, dread tired :S, lucky I have my sister and Loshini to lend their helping hand, I seriously could not multi-task, from taking 14 pizzas, getting carbonated drinks, buying chips and dips, decorating rooms with balloons and candles, getting paper cup, plates. Least I could rest a little and let them do the work after all they have to work for me on my birthday =) , My newly made rules, ain't that sweet. A day pass just for the Birthday Girl, I hope it could last forever asking my minions and they pledged their allegiance to their Queen :)

 The 14 pizza! We just ordered as we estimated there would be crazy 20 over humans coming. Since it was a buy one FREE one!
  me and Slyia :)

 Who is here? knock *knock *knock :)
Audrey, Edeline, Samantha, Cecilia.....my all favourite girls of the time :)

 from left: Samantha, Audrey, Edeline, Angelina, Slyia, Sin Yee, Loshini, Cecilia, Phea Sun, Shasha, Emad's gf
It was such a crazy night, we end up sleeping at 5am due to the crazy game "TRUTH or DARE", it was obscene, it was berserk! but it was FUN! and we got to wake up at the very next day cause we need to check out at 12pm.

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