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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bora Asmara @ Kampung Asrama & Bola Bistro@Sunway Giza

Bora Asrama has the total package of the Bali feeling and you might need to use your GPS or Google Map before you head to this place, cause it is situated in Kampung Sungai Penchala, middle of nowhere of  Malay kampung. Beautiful landscape I must say. I was so amused of the decoration of the place and I would not get to know about this place if it wasn't Alex's huge social networking :) Thankiu Bro!

* an ideal place for romantic date out :) *

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The usual face you would have see in my blog, shall skip the introduction.
The place has even a band comes to each and every of the table and pull some song, it is not some Jazz, Blue, or Country. But even better they pull off LADY GAGA insanely! Everyone in the restaurant was pretty amused on the song choice from the band. What can I say? They must have did their homework =)

An additional family, Amy Lee, a cousin of Audrey's from Australia. 
There is some recommended dishes I must say it was worth eating, the Black peper beef! and their ayam bakar warung.

Head on to Bola Bistro for some drink since the night is still young :)

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