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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brides-maid dress

Remembering this "brides-maid" dress?
It was once a hit in every blogshop you see, and I would say this "brides-maid" dress would never go out of fashion and the dresses are BOMB! everyone in any shape and sizes loves them!
One tiny question? What so special about it? In a single piece of cloth, you could wears them in 15 types of style, you name it! from halter, to strapless, grecian, and even sleeved!

aren't they drop death goegeous??????

and I even found "Two Birds" apps for Iphone =) 
There is steps on wearing them.

This is one of the example on sleeved! and I even learn them and wore during the Christmas Party.
I personally owns two of these gorgeous in Grey and Black, but both in a complete different length =)

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