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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

LeVain Boulangerie Patisserie, Jalan Delima, Off Imbi KL

Finally a real date with long lost darling, Mun Yee tough we stay so close but yet we still felt it was far. How far? Kepong to Sungai Buluh that takes 10minutes consider far? After our hustle bustle life , finally we make time for each other. *argh! so worth it*
Funny little things, I think I tried to hard to search for the location without realizing that it was situated down the Jalan Delima. Dumb enough? 

It was pretty packed especially lunch hour, you might either need to go early or go there after 2pm. If not you would stuck searching for parking and place to sit - unless you would love to eat while standing :) which I doubt any homo sapians would do that.
So go there and get yourselves a place to sit before you head up ordering food ( it is all self-service, from ordering from counter, taking drinks at the Beverage Section...........etc)

 My spaghetti worth RM9.90! I could get Rm9.90 spaghetti in KL! The best part, no govern tax, and no service charge, in short TAX FREE!
 Some of the pasties that we tried that day =).
The black choco bunnnie looks yummy but pretty disappointing =(

 Mun Yee , hawwttie baby!

 OH! we got ourselves take away macaroons! they are so irresistible, I just could not say NO!
 Head on to Pavillion after some satisfying lunch =)
and Notice my oblivious obvious black root of my hair! Oh god! I Just want to fix it like ASAP! Had to add this in my New Year Resolution....*back to the point* I lurveeeeeee the ornaments hanging on the huge green tall tree, it was so beautiful =)

so damn tone! Lurve her legs! Just like Fergie 
  I was more on the retro Vintage Look, it look abit matured, I wonder why????
 I had something to reveal =)
I had an addiction which I think is good =)
I Lurveeeeeeeeeee Shisha =) 
and Carlos is one of the place that has good shisha!
 the apple's user :)

 Macaroon! I just had to say about this. Mun Yee left her macaroon on the table at Carlos@pavillion in about 3minutes, when she returns and asked for the missing macaroon that placed on the table just now. The waitress there actually showed us an empty box ! without any macaroon inside! 
I was pretty piss off, if you left your Iphone, don't bother looking back for them again, they might as well give you back the casing! Like how terrible, it is Pavillion and waitress there just could not take their hand off something which to be found not a liable owner!
Let's just forget it. I had just learn another meaningful lesson =) lets not that matter ruin the rest of my day 

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