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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ribs by Vintry

It's been long since I actually sit on the same table with my siblings and talk. I miss it! and I love it. I bet my brother and sister had tons of laughter listening to my silly stories of MR.M =) Despite on the common sibling conflict in our relationship interactions, I'm glad you guys have my back no matter what.

Tons of thought where to dine, from nachos-nachos, ribless, steamboat Xiao Fei Yang and finally we settle down to Ribs by Vintry. *click*click* Check out their website, from lists of wines, and menu in pdf form.

romaine lettuce and rocket salad with jamon slices, sliced white button mushrooms, 
cherry tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives and stuffed green olives
served with a papaya and lemon vinaigrette dressing
*verdict- I do personally like the lemon vinatgrette dressing, but I still prefer the Ceaser Salad*
a cream-based soup garnished with pork bacon bits
GOSH! just look at those chunky porkie inside pumpkin soup! Heaven! and the pumpkin soup is so think yet so rich!
Pork Knuckle- it is a new dish in Menu, you might need to ask it's availability.
the crispy-ness =) and unless your a heavy meat-eater, I suggest it is sufficient for 2 person.
an all-time favourite, tomato-based spaghetti pan-fried with Chinese sausage, pork bacon,
sliced mushrooms and decadent pork croutons
* it was the very first porkie pasta I had and I was good if you happen to love the amount of pork lard they served in the pasta, might as well you would like to share with your friends =)*
marinated with an intense bean curd sauce
an all-time favourite, served with sides of mashed potatoes and coleslaw
medium portion 39
large portion  49

We had the medium portion but seriously this rib is heaven! Overall, I love the dishes served, but just a little thing about the mashed potatoes which I prefer without added cheese in it. Anywhere I had one hell of Porkie dinner =)
* gonna skip pork meal for a week! *

Address: 120-122, Jalan Kasah, Damansara Heights
Tel: 03-20961645
E-mail : vintrycellers@gmail.com
*1200 till late night*

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