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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Transform =)

You are warned! You may click the close tab if you do not want to see the cam-whore me =)
Don't complain much as You had been warned.

Remember the post that I mention about my obvious  ugly black roots over my golden brown color-ed hair? It time to get a make over for a New Year Resolution? No such thing on getting make over for a brand new year, sounded so BIMBO-ish, no offence to other girls out there. Just it doesn't make any sense that I often heard girls taking bout new year new look, still how you would still end up looking the same. So ?

Went over for Jane, my stylist =) in Esprit saloon. I shall leave it all to her, one WORD, I trust her =)
The "before"
First, Jane apply color balancing in between my black roots and golden brown hair
waittttttttttted till my bum got swallon, finally she did for the whole hair
treatment is a must after coloring!

I know some of people out there would say, " I did not see any changes except shorter weird fringe and better color on hair" But whatever, I love it! I love the slight change! But there is a price to pay for such transformation, I paid almost half of a thousand. @@

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