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Saturday, April 23, 2011

something I got from my junk

Mrs. Aisha Siti Ibrahim. 
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CIMB Group Head Office
Address: Jalan Parry
945 Jalan Parry 98000 Miri Sarawak.

From: Mrs. Aisha Siti Ibrahim,
I'm Mrs. Aisha Siti Ibrahim, head of International remittance department CIMB BANK Malaysia; I got your contact from global worldwide research, as l and my boss need a foreign business partner. To execute a DEAL of (19, 000,000.00 US Dollars) with us. it has already arranged but we are looking for a foreigner who will be Capable to handle it with us.
If you are capable please update me immediately,I will introduce you to my bank as the relative to the late customer who deposited the fund in our Bank, and the fund will be transfer to you in your country, this our customer dead with his family.i will send you the infomation of this our late customer that will make you understand this business, no risk involved. As all the legal documents to transfer the fund to you will be in your name. And them we will discuse what will be your percentage.This business will be executed under a legitimate arrangement with us from the Bank.

I will appreciate you’re immediately respond to my personal Email:

mrsaishasitibra@cimbfinancegroups.com Or

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs. Aisha Siti Ibrahim.

amazing enough how people these days are?
Putting on fake email address with @cimb and a logo of the CIMB bank itself.
really hope no one falls for the trap 

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